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"Val creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere where Moms (or anyone!) can enjoy exploring fresh ideas in sensory exploration for the kids in their lives...I previously practiced as a pediatric occupational therapist and have seen time and again how effective and necessary such sensory experiences are for little people as they develop!! My 9 and 7 year old children have been asking me daily to take the bins out to play over the summer."                                                                       ~ R.E (Calgary) 
"The bins unite players of all ages. My three year old and one year old play cooperatively at the bins together, which is not always the norm. The bins are a peaceful, "no-fighting" zone, something about the sensory stimulation is calming, grounding and soothing. They experiment with the rainbow rice in different developmental ways.  I also get on the floor and have some new and interesting ways to interact with my kids. They talk about the most interesting things while sifting, kneading, pouring and straining."   
                                                               ~J.G (Edmonton)
"Having Val in my playschool today was awesome! It is hard to tell who had more fun - the children or their parents! Here are pictures of my son playing with the rainbow rice and finger paint. I got it from Val after the class. Got home and gave it to my son and forgot I had a son for over an hour!"
                                                              ~ J. K (Edmonton)
"I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the summer, but now I have lots of ideas and 4 great bins.
I liked the sensory bin workshop and I got out of it what I came be inspired to get a little messy with my kids, to get ideas on how to change things up. I enjoyed messing with the materials very much!"
                                                             ~S.M (Edmonton)
"I found the workshop to be incredibly relaxing. Adults like sensory exploration too! Digging in the extra large sensory buckets was a great way to unwind and what an effective mixer/icebreaker for the group. I met some like-minded women and reconnected with some old friends too"
"The value of the workshop is learning from a special education teacher with over 15 years of experience. You do leave with a few bins, but more importantly you leave with an understanding of how to make use of them, the benefits of sensory exploration and new ways to play with your kids! Our world is packed with screen time and when the kids are playing so often it's just with coloured plastic; what a treat to expand our sensory repertoire!"
"Val has done all the leg work for you, you just get to put it together and walk away with a great set of activities. Val has bought in bulk, found the best sources for materials. It's easy and affordable with no tedious shopping trips around the city to craft stores, dollar stores, grocery stores, etc.... I may feel inspired now to build some of my own bins, but the workshop was a great place to start"
                                                                             ~J.G (Edmonton)
The Born 2 Create Sensory Bin workshop I attended at Birth Source was both educationally and personally inspiring. It is obvious that Val has extensive knowledge in sensory play  and child development, and she has also "lived" what she shares. In addition, we put together 4 bins that we can start using with our children right away! I'm excited to have learnt ways to be more creative and sensory in play, as well as how to create learning opportunities through play.  Thank you! 
                                                                            ~ S.A (Edmonton)

I just left the Sensory Bin workshop and I am incredibly impressed! Val was captivating, inspiring and very knowledgable! She had so many ideas and suggestions of how to extend play with the bins! I highly recommend anyone with a child in their life, whether son or daughter, niece or nephew or a child you care for, to take this workshop! Thanks again Val!                
                                                                            ~ B.B (St. Albert)

Messy Mondays are my sons favourite day of the week! As soon as we walk in the door to class Val is always there with her welcoming smile so enthusiastic about what she has prepared for kids to do that day. Watching all the children's eyes light up with wonder and delight as they explore and learn while digging for treasure, exploring different textures, mastering fine motor skills all while having fun. Val is always there supporting the kids (and parents) encouraging creativity through sensory play and allowing each child to go at their own pace.  I couldn't ask for more from a class or teacher!
                                                                            J.P (Edmonton)

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