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Born 2 Create - Inspiring creative play and discovery

About the Born 2 Create Team

Val Johnstone
Born 2 Create was inspired and created by 
Val Johnstone.  Val is a mom of two lovely young and active children.  As a teacher for the last 19 years she has vast experience teaching children and encouraging them to explore their creative expression.  Val has a background in teaching special education but has found her true passion teaching Kindergarten.  She enjoys getting messy with kids immensely in all kinds of sensory and imaginative ways. It is a privilege for her to encourage others to find the creative spirit within themselves. 

Allison Dietz 
Allison is a mom of two charming and creative children. As a therapy assistant for the last 9 years she has enjoyed working with preschool and kindergarten aged children in a variety of sensory and messy play activities.  She believes children are at their best when able to be creative and free thinkers when harnessing their skills.  Allison is excited to join Val and the Born 2 Create team and get messy! Allison will be helping out with birthday parties and special events.

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